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Destrian Wells Consulting provides specialized management services to corporations, non-profits, small businesses, and individuals. We embody an unwavering commitment in our Strive for Excellence and are devoted to providing superior service to our clients. Our core capabilities include strategic planning, business management; as well as organizational, professional and personal development.


At Destrian Wells Consulting, we believe that success is where preparation meets opportunity. Access to resources, exposure and strategic implementation are key pillars that vastly contribute to one’s ability to properly prepare, engage and execute.  


We equip our clients with the requisite resources, competencies, and strategies to develop or enhance goals and objectives, strategic relationships, organizational structure, culture, and overall efficiency.

Wells is originally from the historic city of Selma, AL, but now resides in the Greater Philadelphia area with his loving wife and son. He is an active member of his local community and surrounding areas. He has been involved with the development of mentorship programs with local schools to help create environments for under-served youth facing adversity. He and a network of volunteers aim to foster meaningful and monitored mentoring relationships with the goal of establishing positive relationships that contribute to enhanced educational and socio-economic opportunities.



Destrian earned a bachelor’s degree with a dual major in finance and sales/marketing from Tuskegee University. Prior to joining Macquarie Investment Management, he participated in Lincoln Financial Group’s Leadership Preparation Program, a highly selective program aimed at strategically hiring high performing college graduates with the intent on developing firm-wide leaders.


With 10 years in the corporate arena, Destrian has been provided him with a diverse skill set ranging from strategy and analytics to business development and client management. Starting out Wells served as a Project Manager for Macquarie’s third-party distribution management team, where he was responsible for budget and expense management, assisting the management team with implementation of strategic goals, objectives, and productivity analysis. Then he served as a Strategic Relationship Analyst, where he was responsible for ensuring operational efficiency, project management, and providing analysis on key distribution relationships. Prior to his current role, Wells worked as an Associate Relationship Manager, where he was responsible for aiding in the development of relationship strategy, strategic partnerships, client leadership, and quality control. In his current corporate capacity, Wells is responsible for developing relationships and enhancing the understanding of the firm’s product solutions among key retail distribution partners.


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